Tuesday, 18 November 2008

For Music Geeks: the Five Best Starts to Jazz Records I have Heard.

Not that I'm an authority on the matter, I just listen to a lot of jazz.

In no particular order:

1. Eric Dolphy - The Illinois Concert (1963)
2. The Art Ensemble of Chicago - A Jackson in Your House (1969)
3. Miles Davis - On the Corner (1972) (it was a toss up between this and "Kind of Blue" (1959). "On the Corner" won for shock purposes)
4. Sun Ra - Space is the Place (1972) (although it may not count because it's a little long winded, but the opening horn melody is a killer)
5. Ornette Coleman - Free Jazz (1960) (after careful considertion because it's kind of an obvious choice, but perhaps some things are obvious for a reason)


If "Poise" by Ornette Coleman was the opening track on "This is Our Music" (1959), that would have be in place of "Free Jazz", but it isn't so its not. I also contemplated Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite "We Insist!" (1960), but it was too long winded (it's worth checking out though, when the band kick in it's one of the best things you can lay your ears on). Freddie Hubbard's "Here to Stay" (1962) was a considered, but it didn't quite cut the biscuit.

And it almost goes without saying: the openings to "Giant Steps" (1960), "My Favourite Things" (1961), and "A Love Supreme" (1965) by John Coltrane strongly contend to outdo any openings ever, but I thought I would give some other records a chance... because I'm nice like that.