Friday, 9 January 2009

My List of Garbage.

Original Post:

Being that time of year when we reflect on the past so that we can take a big positive leaps into the future (or at least into the next few days), I felt that it would be entirely appropriate to write a list of my most hated people. With the exception of Jeremy Clarkson, I do not wish any harm upon these detestable creatures, I simply abhor them from the very depths of my soul (which has been blackened by their vile presence on this planet).

In no particular order (for I believe in equality, and they are each as insufferable as one another):

Jeremy Clarkson
Simon Cowell
Jeremy Kyle
Adam Sandler

So there you have it; now that this has been said and done, we can continue life as normal without having our minds preoccupied with these vile specimens. Perhaps you might like to start your own free love hippy commune. I know I will.


Bradley Kulisic: Karl, I would simply love to know your thoughts on Victoria Beckham. Please do tell!

Karl Brummer: She's pretty intolerable alright; I also find it funny that she's the only spice girl to have maintained her "spice" name over the years. As for David Beckham... well I think every ridiculously overpaid footballer deserves to have their legs amputated to be given to less fortunate individuals without legs so they can have their turn.

It seems only fair when you consider the ridiculous economic injustice that is the belligerent-leather-kickin
g-whore-shagging-footballer's pay slip. Then they go and spend all that money on something stupid like a jacuzzi for the kitchen, or a DVD player for the dog's kennel, whilst nurses and firemen get paid diddly squat for saving people's lives day and night.

This is a trite point to make, but a perfectly valid one. David Beckham has proved to be no exception to these points.