Saturday, 11 October 2008

...and that's supposed to be good is it?

I had the misfortune of catching So What by Pink (aka P!nk, or Alecia Beth Moore) on T4 this morning whilst trying to enjoy my sultana bran (that probably says it all really). The song is fundamentally about Moore's break up with her husband, with other personal nuances that give it that three dimensional layer of decoration, as we can tell by this section of the lyrics:

Pink So What:
Uh, check my flow, uh

The waiter just took my table
And gave to Jessica Simp- Shit!
I guess I'll go sit with drum boy
At least he'll know how to hit
What if this song's on the radio
Then somebody's gonna die
I'm gonna get in trouble
My ex will start a fight

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
He's gonna start a fight
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na
We're all gonna get in a fight

So, so what?
I'm still a rock star
I got my rock moves
And I don't need you
And guess what
I'm having more funAnd now that we're done
I'm gonna show you tonight
I'm alright, I'm just fine
And you're a tool
So, so what?
I am a rock star
I got my rock moves
And I don't want you tonight...

...Whoo Hoo
Ba Da Da Da Da Da

Ba da da da da da

Imagine having this wretch sneering at you first thing in the morning; am I supposed to feel sorry for this big "rock star", who has ripped off the public with this lazy and above all cheap wordplay? When people listen to this song do they think "I remember my divorce and when Jessica Simpson took my table at a restaurant, I found it easy to take solace in the fact that I was a big massive rock star which really boosted my confidence"? I'm genuinely confused by this! But then again, rhyming 'Simp- shit' with 'hit'... round of applause for that anyone?

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